Wall Street indices snapped a losing streak and finished yesterday’s trading with decent gains. S&P 500 gained 0.75%, Dow Jones moved 0.55% higher and Nasdaq added 1.13%. Russell 2000 moved 0.63% higher Indices from Asia-Pacific followed into footsteps of US peers and traded higher today. Nikkei gained 1.2%, S&P/ASX 200 added 0.5%, Kospi moved 0.8% […]

US indices have another poor session behind them with major Wall Street indices dropping over 1% for the second day in a row. S&P 500 dropped 1.44%, Dow Jones moved 1.04% lower and Nasdaq slumped 2.00%. Russell 2000 dropped 1.50% China announced easing of Covid restrictions. Asymptomatic cases will now be allowed to undergo home […]

US indices finished yesterday’s trading lower with all major Wall Street indices dropping over 1%. S&P 500 dropped 1.79%, Dow Jones moved 1.40% lower and Nasdaq slumped 1.93%. Russell 2000 was top laggard with a 2.78% plunge Jump in bond yields is seen as a reason behind the pressure on US equity market yesterday. Release […]