Indices from Asia-Pacific traded mixed at the beginning of a new week. Nikkei gained 0.6%, S&P/ASX 200 dropped 0.1%, Kospi traded flat and indices from China moved lower

US and European index futures trade slightly higher

ECB President Lagarde said that rate hike may come as soon as “a few weeks” after net asset purchases stop

Chinese authorities consider shortening hotel quarantines to 1-week in order to encourage international visitors. However, pandemic situation is still not under control with Beijing reporting a record number of new daily cases today

Russia published a list of over 900 Americans that will be banned from entering Russia, including President Biden and Vice-President Harris. The move is retaliation for similar measures taken by the United States

Labor Party won a parliamentary election in Australia, although it is not yet known whether it will be able to form a majority government. Anthony Albanese, a new prime minister, said that relationship with China will remain difficult

Belgium introduced a mandatory 21-day quarantine for those who were exposed to monkeypox. United Kingdom also advises high-risk monkeypox contacts to self-isolate

Cryptocurrencies are trading slightly higher on Monday. Bitcoin gains 0.5% while Ethereum trades 0.7% higher

Oil is trading slightly higher at the beginning of a new week. Precious metals gain on the back of USD weakening

NZD and AUD are the best performing major currencies while USD and JPY lag the most

The Australian dollar is trading higher following parliamentary elections in Australia. Elections resulted in a change of government with the Labor party scoring a win. AUDUSD is making a break above a local market geometry today, signaling potential trend reversal.