In spite of a pick-up in yield, US indices finished yesterday’s trading higher. S&P 500 gained 0.84%, Dow Jones moved 1.06% higher, Nasdaq added 1.28% and Russell 2000 jumped 1.63%

10-year US yield climbed to 1.95%

Upbeat moods extended into Asian trading with major indices from the region gaining as well. Nikkei and S&P/ASX 200 moved 1.1% higher, Kospi gained 0.8% and indices from China traded 0.8-1.9% higher

DAX futures point to a higher opening of the European cash session today

Fed’s Daly said she favors rate hike in March but central bank cannot be too aggressive

BoJ’s Nakamura said that conditions for rate higher were not met yet and that hiking before wages begin to grow steadily would be a mistake

According to Kommersant report, Russia may soon recognize digital assets as currencies

According to JPMorgan, Bitcoin fair value is around $38,000

API report pointed to a 2.0 million barrel drop in US oil inventories (exp. +0.7 mb)

Precious metals trade mixed – gold and silver gain while palladium and platinum drop

Oil continues pullback with Brent and WTI dropping 0.7% each

AUD and GBP are the best performing major currencies while CHF and JPY lag the most