Indices from Asia-Pacific traded higher at the beginning of a new week. Nikkei and S&P/ASX 200 gained 1%. Liquidity conditions were thinner as traders from China and South Korea were off for holidays

European index futures point to a higher opening of the cash session on the Old Continent today

Reuters reports that Biden Administration plans to further restrict semiconductor sales to China

According to Washington Post, White House is increasingly worried about looming energy crisis in Europe and is looking for ways to boost energy supplies to the Old Continent

Exit polls showed a very narrow lead of center-left block (currently ruling) in Swedish elections over right-wing block (49.8% vs 49.2%)

Iran deal still looks out of reach. E3 countries (France, UK and Germany) said that the latest demand from Iran cast doubts on whether the country really wants to restore the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran responded saying that E3 are damaging negotiations with such unconstructive statements

According to Reuters report, ECB will need to hike rates into restrictive territory in order to get grip of inflation

ECB’s Nagel signaled over the weekend that more rate hikes are needed. ECB’s Elderson said that rates need to rise despite risk of a recession

Cryptocurrencies are trading mostly higher at the beginning of a new week. Bitcoin gains 1.2% and trades near $21,700 while Ethereum drops 0.1%

Brent and WTI trade around 1% lower at press time. Gold pulls back 0.1% while silver gains 0.6%

NZD and AUD are the best performing major currencies while JPY and CHF lag the most

Oil is trading lower at the beginning of a new week. News on Russian price caps, Russian retaliation for it or lack of progress in Iran talks fail to lift crude prices signaling that worries over global growth are playing a key role now.

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